Vo Van Buu – On Aug 5, 2012 I was released after 7 years’ imprisonment at Xuan Loc. I am a Hoa Hao Buddhist, being arrested and charged with “disturbing public order” in 2005.

Since the release from prison so far, I have visited my wife, Mai Thi Dung three times. She was sentenced up to11 years, also was convicted of “disturbing public order” since 2005. My wife’s health condition is very critical. Every time coming out to see me, there are two persons on each side to support her body. After a few minutes, her body started shaking, speaking under breaths. The health compilation is so weak to nearly be extinguished. 

My wife suffered from gallstones and cholecystitis from 2007, but the prison did not allowed to get the hospital treatment. Mainly they gave her some cheap free painkillers in the medical room of Xuan Loc prison. My wife never considered herself guilty and never accepted the request of the prison called my wife pleaded guilty to get the hospital treatment. Recently there also were some security police from the Political Protection to convince me to mobilize my wife pleaded guilty to seek treatment. In this regard, my wife and I have insisted that we fought for the right to religious freedom, but did not cause any sin, not violate the rights of anyone, so we could not plead guilty.

I believe and my wife also confirmed that it is better to die of illness untreated in prison than admit the activities of religious freedom is the ones of crime.

Looking at the shape of my wife with hair fell out, her pale face, exhausted, only weighs 30 kg, I felt sorrowful and do not know what to do, I write this letter calling for associations, the international organizations to raise the case of my wife so that she can get a proper treatment in the hospital promptly.

On Oct 8, 2012 

Husband: Vo Van Buu

 Address: 167, My Thanh hamlet, My An village, Cho Moi district, An Giang province.