Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to draw your attention about the human rights abuse in Long-An in the southern district of Vietnam. In the name of the victims and their families, I implore you to voice their defense.

Since last Thursday 7-March 2013, the security police in Long-An have deployed relentless harassments, threats and interrogations on a family (*) whose son (Dinh Nguyen Kha) has been arrested since 19/10/2012. Along with this, the police also threaten and interrogate another son (Dinh Nhat Uy) and have confiscated his mobile phone, camera and printers and force him to promise not to use facebook to communicate to his friends and groups.  Dinh Nhat Uy is the only son who can work to support the whole family. His computer shop now has no customers and he cannot work due to the demand by the police that he must report to the police station every day. For more than a week, Mrs Nguyen Thi Kim Lien and her husband have been terrified and exhausted by the police’s harassment and live in constant fear.

(Đinh Nguyên Kha and Phương Uyên)

(Đinh Nguyên Kha and Phương Uyên)

The real reason for the security police campaign of terror on Mrs Nguyen is due to her son Dinh Nguyen Kha had prepared a leaflet to call for democracy and protest against China.

According to the Vietnamese Constitutional and Civil Law, there is no mention of any restriction or ban imposed on a citizen from using any form of communication to express their thought. The security police in Long-An have gone against all fundamental values and principles of law to oppress innocent people.

We earnestly implore your understanding, to react rapidly and to voice your concern with the Vietnamese authorities, demanding them to stop their human rights abuse on Mrs Nguyen’s family. I hope you will visit her family and show them your support and protection.

With all my heartfelt gratitude.

Nguyen Van Dai, Executive Member of VNHRC

(*) Mrs Nguyen Thi Kim Lien

Address: : 584 quốc lộ 62, phường 6, TP Tân An, tỉnh Long An

Telephone: 0969 574 584 / 0723 500 165