LOGOThe Brotherhood for Democracy (Hoi Anh Em Dan Chu) is an independent organization dedicated to protecting and defending human rights as enshrined in the Vietnamese constitution and recognized by international covenants. The Brotherhood for Democracy (BFD) advocates for a just, democratic, and progressive Vietnam.

While Vietnamese law provides for the freedom of assembly, in practice, the government severely cracks down on peaceful assembly. It is in this environment that the Brotherhood for Democracy was founded online by a group of rights advocates from Vietnam and around the world. BFD is not restricted by the borders of Vietnam and therefore not subjected to restrictive Vietnamese regulations.

Currently, the BFD has nearly 80 members from diverse backgrounds domestically and abroad. BFD strives to strengthen capacity by enabling members to share experiences and knowledge on human rights advocacy, civil society activities, and mobilizing for peaceful political action. Our aim is to improve understanding and strengthen solidarity across boundaries. While we discuss and share online, in the coming months, BFD plans to increase its number of members for offline action.

Every person in Vietnam, irrespective of gender, social status, religious or political opinion, who believes in the struggle for human rights, acts in the spirit of peaceful grassroots mobilizing, and adheres to the charter and bylaws of the Brotherhood for Democracy shall have the right to join.

The Brotherhood for Democracy will register under the law when the political conditions in Vietnam are suitable and equitable.

We welcome participation from people in Vietnam and around the world. We also call for the recognition and support of international organizations, and governments, national parliaments.

Together, we will achieve freedom, democracy and justice for the people of Vietnam.

Email: hoidanchu@gmail.com

Website: www.hoidanchu.org