The Committee for Human Rights in Vietnam (VNHRC) was first established in December 2006. After only a short period of time in operation, the Committee was forced to suspend in April 2007 because a number of its members were arrested and some had to seek political asylum abroad. However, now that there is an urgent need for promoting and protecting human rights in Vietnam, VNHRC has decided to resume its activities.

VNHRC is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization established with its aim to protect the human rights of the Vietnamese people. It is not a political organization and has no political agenda. VNHRC operates on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other UN international covenants on human rights, as well as the Constitution of Vietnam and all the international human rights’ obligations that the Vietnamese government had committed. The basic principle of VNHRC is peaceful, non-violent activities in a spirit of dialogue and tolerance. Our motto is “advocating for human rights.”

VNHRC works with the following purposes:

– To disseminate knowledge about human rights specified and recognized in the Vietnamese Constitution, laws and international Covenants to all the people;

–  To report cases of human rights violations to the relevant authorities and international community;

–  To advocate for respect, protection and promotion of human rights in Vietnam.

Members of VNHRC:

Any Vietnamese people either inside the country or abroad, who agree and comply with VNHRC’s principles can become an official or honorary member.

With the above purposes, VNHRC is looking forward to receive your support and also collaboration  from the Vietnamese authorities, as well as from international governments and human rights organizations.