News from Nam Ha political prison

VNHRC: A Phiu, a member of the Central Highlands ethnic minorities which had been fighting for religious freedom and equality for ethnic Ede and Jalai in the Dak Lak and Gia Lai provinces, is currently imprisoned at camp A of Nam Ha prison in Ha Nam province. In a phone conversation five days ago, A Phiu had told someone abroad (in the U.S.A) about the prisons’ conditions in Vietnam.

(illustrated picture)

Two days later, the Security Ministry of Vietnam sent its cadres to Nam Ha prison to investigate the call. As a sign of failure of the investigation, 20 prisoners were leg-shackeled for 7 days. Afterward, they could be subjected to solitary confinement and further interrogation.  Should the investigation – often with forced confession – yield the content of the phone conversation of what the authority deems “propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam”,  these prisoners could be brought to trial with serious charges.